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Family In Trouble Needs Help

I dont know how these things work so Im going to tell you my story and hope you choose to help. We are a family of three. My wife cannot work due to seizures and our eight year old daughter has cerebral palsy. I have always worked and until recently have been in good health. Over the last five years we have been through quite a bit. We lost our home because I got sick and couldnt work. So we moved into an apartment and I found another job. That job ended because the plant closed. So we moved to another apartment and I found another job and we started over again. That job was promising until I had to have surgery and was unable to work. We have no family to turn to. We are on the verge of being homeless. I am looking for work but have been unsuccessful in finding a job. I dont want to raise my child on the street. We only need time for me to find another job and get back on our feet. Please help. I know most of these things are scams, but I will call you or send you pictures or whatever you need for proof. I am a proud man, who finds it very hard to ask for help. But for my families sake please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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