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Want to Study Abroad...without extra $$$ baggage

This fall, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I am so excited for this opportunity! I will be taking courses in art, writing, and the Italian language... things I have always dreamed of doing, and are now a reality. Not only is this semester a personal dream of mine, but it is a trip of a lifetime that I hope to encourage others with. Within my major, Recreation Administration, I will be working with a great number of diverse people. Through more encounters with cultures and lifestyles around the world, it is just the type of thing to give me a solid background to use when working within my field.

Along with such an amazing experience comes an price tag. I am working like crazy to save up money in order to pay for the trip. Although loans are an option, I do not want the extra burden of that weighing on me. As interest builds, the amount I pay also increases. That is my purpose in this request. The cost of the trip is $17,000, but I am asking for $8,000-10,000. With this amount, it would take over what a loan would cover.

Any help available would be greatly appreciated! Not only would you be helping me go, but you can experience it along with me. I will be blogging throughout this amazing journey. Therefore, you can follow me as I go... it the best way I can bring the experience back home and share it with others. Thank you again for your time and consideration!

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