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Im a 33 year old working a full time job and a perdiem job trying to make ends meet. Im also taking evening college classes furthering my education so I can improve my job skills. I have $11,000 in debt accumulated which Ive consolidated into a loan from the local credit union. I am unable to keep up with the monthly payments and my other financial obligations. Im starting to drown. Im the father of two girls, one is 5 and one is 2. I support both of them financially. In a addition I have a 13 year old vehicle that is starting to break down and I cant afford to repair it. I must have this vehicle for transportation to work and school. My family has given me what they can to help and I cant ask for any more. I need someone to throw me a lifeline and help me with this debt so I can get my life financially on track. If afforded this opportunity I will most certainly pay it forward.

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