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Help Me Make a Home for My Son

I need money

Hello. My name is Kalyn. Im twenty years old and have an 8 month old baby boy. When I told Jarrod(my son)s father that I was pregnant, he ran out on me. With my paycheck being the only source of income that I have, it's a struggle to make it through every month. I found a way to start saving a little more, and that is by buying a house. I couldnt believe that it would actually be cheaper for me to buy a house than rent one, but it is. The only problem is the $2000 down payment I have to come up with for the loan that Ive already been approved for. If I dont come up with the money before the end of this month, the home owner is going to let realtors sell the house which will make it about 10000 more expensive. Would you be able to help me?

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