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Software Developer in rent trouble

I recently moved home for a job and have ended up in financial trouble. The problem is that my salary will not come before my second rent payment which will leave me with no way to pay my rent (I've exhausted all other options such as overdrafts and credit limits). My rent (Including payments I have to make on my credit debt) is £700, give or take a couple of pounds.

Now, the reason I added that I'm a software developer in the title is that I am (And a particularly good one at that). I'm willing to offer my services to anyone who is interested (I could make you a small game/application for PC or Android) in helping me out. Or even do some freelance work for a company or perhaps help someone with their own software. I could even just answer questions about the subject.

Whatever it is, I'm happy to do it if it'll help me out of my current situation.

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