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Senior Citizen Homeless and Broken by the IRS

I need money

I am a 64 year old white senior citizen, disabled due to chronic illnesses; I had a 64,000 debt with the IRS in 1994; the IRS said they wanted to imprison me for this bill and they didnt offer me any alternative except for prison; I asked the IRS if could pay the money and go free, I had the money back then, their answer: No, it was prison, they wanted for me; prison terrified me so I said "catch me if you can". Of course they caught me, you can NOT outrun the long arm of the U.S. government, but it took them nearly 20 years to catch me, I served time in prison in 2010 with rapists, murders and thieves. I never saw the light of day, I did not serve my time in the Federal Country Club like most tax cases, and I never made any white collars friends either, my cellmate was a gang leader and I was housed with about 115 hardened criminals and when I went to court they escorted me in leg irons and wrist chains that cut deep as I agonized as they carried shotguns as I plodded along walking slowly while leaning heavily on my cane, I served hard time for this tax misdemeanor; now I dont have 50 cents and after prison and three long years of probation, to add insult to injury the IRS added their interest and penalties and my bill is somewhere around, $675,000

First, I would like to have the bill pardoned. Or some help paying it off.

Second, when I was arrested in a foreign country where I was living, I left my granddaughters behind, and need help in immigration to get them to the USA.

Third, I could use some cash so I dont have to sleep in the back of my old truck anymore.

Fourth, I would like help with an airline ticket to San Diego, Honolulu, Or L.A., and a place to stay, even a hotel room would be nice.

Fifth, I would like a plastic surgeon to give me a face lift and a hair transplant so I can look nice which might help me to find a nice lady.

Sixth, and last but far from least, I desperately need a dentist to donate me some dental implants so I can eat!

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