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My name is Jess. I was married for ten years and last year my husband cheated and left my two children and I for the other woman. They had a child together less than a year after he left. I just recently got a court order for child support so I went a year without ANY help from him whatsoever. As you can imagine I got behind in bills and he ran up ALL of our credit card bills after he left. If course he didn't pay on them either. Here's the kicker. .. about six months before he left I got a rather large settlement from a serious car accident I was in. I paid ALL of his debt off including student loans, bought him a truck for 25k then put another 5k into it. Or credit ratings were right about 700 or so. Right when the money was running out is when he left. SERIOUSLY. ..I was in shock. So over a years time, unpaid credit card bills, behind in mortgage and car payments my credit is near worthless.
I was in yet another car accident (rear ended) July 12 and my 2011 Camry was rendered a total loss. The insurance paid market value which paid it off. However, because of my financial downfall over the past year Toyota financial won't finance me for a third time. I have no down payment either. I need help. Any help anyone can offer.

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