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Drowning in Debt...

Please help. Im at the end of my options. Ive been to rock bottom once before and now Im seeing it happening again, something I swore would never happen after the first time.
I have a job that doesnt pay enough to make ends meet. I live with my mother who also has been struggling ever since my father died ten years ago, we lost our home, there are still so many bills we are working on paying off from back then and even with our combined income we are drowning in debt, rent is always late, creditors are the only phone calls we get during the day. Ive taken out personal loans up to the max limit theyll give me, used deferments and forbearance for my school loans, cancelled anything that was not absolutely necessary as far as bills were concerned, tried to sell things on ebay or craigslist, anything I could think of.
My mothers car is about 20 years old and shes driving on flat tires that she puts air in several times a week, we cant afford new ones. Our dryer broke last month and now the washer sounds like we pushed it down a flight of stairs every time we use it, so its on its way out too, we cant afford to get those either and Im driving out of my way once a week to a friends house to do laundry, which is really eating into my gas.
Ive been laid off twice in the past eight years and I am over 10K in debt. What I own today could fit in half a dozen boxes. The bed I sleep on isnt even mine. Please dont misunderstand, Im grateful to even have a bed but now on top of everything else thats already straining on our finances an old credit card debt that I honestly somehow missed when I was in a position to pay things off from over ten years ago is now resurfacing. I owe just under $8K from all the accrued interest and if I dont have it by September 6th they are going to start taking it out of my pay. I did seek legal advice and they are still able to come after me because there was a judgment when they tried to sue for the money, I had been moving around so many times back then that I never knew this even happened and it didnt show up on my credit report or anything.
I dont have anywhere else to pull money from. My family members that Ive asked basically just say good luck and turn the other way. I dont have any friends in a financial situation to help but if this company starts taking money from my paycheck or my bank I dont know whats going to happen. We are already so badly behind with every other bill. If theres anyone out there that can give any help, at all please please know it will be so very appreciated. Thank you for reading this.

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