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Single Expecting Mom

My name is Tess and I am eight months pregnant.

Since discovering my pregnancy I have been trying to save money every month towards my maternity leave, which my employment does not pay. Hours have been cut and instead of saving I have instead fallen behind on everything. I am two months behind my utility bills, cancelled my phone and internet, lapsed on my car insurance and today had to choose between paying rent or paying my auto loan. I paid rent, but my work requires my car. I am not only completely unable to prepare for baby but unable to support myself.

I have applied to second jobs as well as whatever government assistance I can, but have yet to be successful. My grandparents have helped me where they can, but now I am unable to also pay them back.

I need help, and I dont know where to turn now.

When I worked full time I made $1100 a month, which was just enough to support myself.

I am putting this out in hopes of raising $5000, to cover the almost two months of maternity leave, pay my overdue bills, pay back my grandparents and be able to thrift shop the heck out of baby supplies.

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