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$25,000 to Pay Off Overwhelming Debt

My wife and I are swimming in debt and facing bankruptcy. We stopped making our monthly payments because we can hardly afford our day to day needs, let alone our payments that are all now hundreds of dollars a month. I have already spoke with a bankruptcy attorney but keep holding off because we feel guilty to do that, and we hope to eventually be able to buy a house and do not really want a bankruptcy on our public record.

We have 2 little boys and live paycheck to paycheck. We keep trying to save money but my wife has a lot of food allergies and the cost of healthy food is high.

I am a hard worker and I want what is best for my family. I hope to someday have the ability to take my boys and wife on a nice family vacation, have a reliable vehicle, and spacious house of our own. I am working hard toward those goals but all this debt is hovering over my shoulders everyday. It would be such a relief to pay it off and move on.

Any help is greatly appreciated, any help at all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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