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please help my family is urgent

hello i don't know how much longer i will be eable to keep this roof over my head i am not well i have my doctors papers if need to show olso my childrens medical records , my 27 year old daughter suffer from skisophrenia and she can not work my son is 30 and have tourette syndrome which is so miss undertood by society and have made him stay at home from embarrasment,all this is just a very little of the pain i go through every day about myself i have no family members in this country or friends for the same reason i rather take care of my kids,my health is bad i suffer from bipolar,fybromaalgia,cronic pain and so many other financial thing, it really breaks my heart that i cant give my family a better life..i am 56 years old an single mother i thank you so much for your time,..

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