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Struggling Startup Needs Capital

Hi there internet, my name is Alex, and I need some help for my business, not just another loan that kicks the can down the road. My Anime and Comic store serves a niche market in Kansas City and while buzz has been positive, I am in that early hump of, I am open, but I do not have enough revenue. Whatever you could contribute would be great, but here are the critical numbers.
If I could get:
$15,000 Dollars: Covers working capital through the holiday. If it looks my business plan cant cut it by then, I have an exit strategy to sell off the store front, and go online/trade show only using what I do make from holiday.
$35,000 Dollars: Covers working capital and pays off the half of my startup loans that have lousy rates.
$50,000 Dollars: Good lord, I could pay off all my startup debt and not have to worry about debt service, which would make cash flow so much easier.
It is a long shot, but without collateral to back up a full on business loan, it makes those first 12 months tough. Figure I would give this a go:)

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