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Runaway bride

To whoever is reading this and willing to help,

Late 20s lovely lady from Central Europe with an abusive policeman as husband needs help to start fresh.

Two months ago, after a brutal beatup she had a miscarriage. Since then she is a subject to a daily violence...for the lack of better word, rape, in order to get pregnant. Due to her husband being a very senior police officer, the courts are pretty much helpless. She tried to get a job, but the evening before the interview she ended up in hospital, with a broken nose and concussion. She ran...

Every amount helps her to stay hidden until she recovers and pay for her treatment (around 500 btc as she needs a complicated surgery, that is only done abroad :( ) and ultimately, divorce. Her dream is to start fresh, rent and later buy a place where she can live without a fear of being hit, raped, abused and humiliated.

As the Bitcoin is the only way her cop husband can't track, according to Frequently Asked Questions

I accept Bitcoin donations, 1M7vdURd3fpgHEWXUCEE7kUuT4VzmH1LFC.

Thank you very much in advance for every helpful thought and donation

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