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Help us give our twins a good Christmas!

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Please help us give our 6 year old boys a great Christmas this year. We have struggled financially since relocating (for my job)to Florida 2 years ago. Unfortunately, our deserving kids haven't had a nice Christmas since we moved here. We've tried to make Christmas nice with a tree and the trimmings we had on hand - but under the tree? The abundance of presents was definitely lacking.

All our income goes to (barely)covering our bills and basic expenses like food,so it is rare that we can splurge on toys, nice shoes and clothes. We buy most everything second hand and my husband and I don't spend money on ourselves. We don't buy each other birthday or Christmas gifts at all.

We would love to be able to put more than 2 or 3 inexpensive gifts under the tree for Hank and Jack this year. They both love the tablets and Nintendo DS games systems their friends have, as well as Legos and Leapfrog stuff. We'd also like to enroll them in Cub Scouts and give them opportunities to participate in Youth sports programs.

Since you stopped by this site to help someone, I hope you'll consider choosing our family. Our children are so precious, and unlike a lot of kids, they have an attitude of gratitude! God Bless you!

Thank You!

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