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I feel Like I am drowning Please help me!

Over the past 20 years my husband and i have raised over 2 million for charity. It has been such a blessing to do it. We are just normal simple people and my business is going down the tubes fast. We have put our life savings into it have 12 staff and if we do not get urgent help we will lose everything.

My home is on interest only so there is no capital in fact our home is worth less than we paid for it like most other people. My husband who does not know I have done this can't retire because we can't pay for our home. As a minister who does not get a big wage.

I am sorry we have hit rock bottom. Is there anyone who can help us out there. In order to save the business and pay off the house we need £200.000 I feel such a failure. I have helped so many but can't help myself and don't want people to find out.

Is there really a miracle out there for me? I don't want anything for free I wrote a book which people feel was very inspiring for any donation I would be willing to give you a copy.

I know there are others worse off, but if you can help me I would be eternally grateful.

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