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There is a devil......

There is a devil, and the jerk waits until you are at the lowest point in life to create a perfect storm of Murphy's Law.

I have been on unpaid sick leave from my job for many months and just a few weeks ago had to spend nearly all of my savings on a medical emergency. At the time, I thought "No problem, I still have my job and long term disability".

Well, the joke was on me, because I was terminated from my job 3 days after I received my Doctor's note to return to work! (Still had my benefits and was never given a notice of termination)

Then, Lo and Behold, I was informed by the Human Resources director, that not only was I terminated, but what I thought was my Long Term Disability was actually an error made by the company payroll dept! They had me listed as a Regular employee, even though I was on registered unpaid sick leave!!

So now, not only did my company fire me, they now say I have to PAY THEM back every red cent for THEIR Mistake!!

So I am screwed, everything that could go wrong happened at one time....October is fast approaching, and I do not have enough for my rent, which is $899 and my unemployment benefits have not even started yet.

If I get help, (1 dollar from 899 individuals) I can get another job during October AND PAY everyone back for their Altruism. What dignity I have left demands I repay all who may help me.

Many Thanks and God Bless..

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