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Single Mom Praying for Help.

I need money

I'm a single Mom on S.S. Disability. In Dec. we were told that we had to move. We really couldn't afford to move. In the old place the septic tank was always backing up into our backyard and our bathtub. The place was full of black Mold. My daughter has Asthma and it affected her breathing. We found a nice place. But now our rent is more and we have trouble paying the bills. I get phone calls Everyday from Bill Collectors. I don't know what to tell them. I am so stressed out. Because of the mess that I'm in. From all the stress I pick and dig at my skin. I pick all over. I'm a mass of sores that really hurt sometimes. People look at me so funny because of all my sores. I am scared for life.
I was given a car recently. It feels so good to have a car again. But, now I have $54 a month insurance I have to pay. My car broke down. I had it towed to the place my friend has her cars fixed. The bill came to $962.49. With my friend co-signing for me they let me do a payment plan. Now I have to pay $81 a month for a year. I don't know what I'm going to do? I don't have it. The bills I owe came to close to $15,000. Now I have another bill. My car still needs repairs. I have to pay the car repair bill. I won't stick my friend with it! I'm in a real bind and I have no idea how to get out of it?
I would be So Grateful if there was someone out there that could help us. Thank You for reading this.

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