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In need of financial help

I'm a 47 year old male that has been out of work for the past 6 months, due to these health issues .My employer had to let me go ,Because of safety concerns, of what my job duties in tails .Since I have been out of work during these past 6 months , I have been in & out of the hospital and they still can not find the problem that is causing my health issues. Also during this time that I have been out of work ,what resources I do have are all about to dry up by the end of this month. I have only been using what has been in my checking &savings account .AS this is all the money that I have been saving. Once this money is gone I will be flat broke and will not have any money to pay the rent ,nor be able to put food on the table . I am in need of about $3,600.00 dollars as this will continue to put food on the table for awhile and pay the rent for 2 months .I hope you can see that I am in dire need and if can not come up with rent by end of this month I will be thrown out of my apt and become homeless.

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