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Disabled Young Mother Needs Help

I am 26 years old. I have to say I have a fairly happy family -- a healthy marriage with two young children. I have come so far in the last year, but I am hoping to come a bit further. Last year, I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses, including PTSD from childhood trauma, OCD caused by my PTSD, and I already carried a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder 1.

I had a breakdown and my illness became debilitating. It was a struggle to even get out of bed and eat, much less carry on my life. Despite needing to be on long-term disability, I have worked steadily to improve my own situation by going to school, volunteering, and continuing treatment in order to not allow my diagnosis to dictate who I am.

While on disability, however, I racked up an extreme amount of credit card bills and simple interest loans in order to help support my family when my income was suddenly missing.

I hope that this request finds someone who understands what it's like to need a new beginning. I hope that through this request I can start with a clean slate. My family needs to move. Our credit is destroyed, so we will need to be able to place a large deposit in order to do this.

All in all, I need to escape from the debt that I have accrued and I need to raise money in order to move my family to a new home. If you are in a position to help a family with two sweet children and two young people trying to make a life, your donation would be appreciated more than you can know.

Thank you.

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