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Thanks for taking time to read this post. My situation is not necessarily unique but nevertheless panic has set in as I don't see a way out. My ex-wife and I divorce in the beginning of 2010. The house was in her name, and one of those investments that ended up under water after the economic collapse. I did something stupid and paid her $3000 a month until March of 2013. The reason was because our daughter lived most of the time with her and I considered it the roof over my childs head. Obviously a portion of the $3000 was basic child support, but that only amounts to $1,200.

I now am only paying the $1,200 and I have my daughter half of the month living with me. But no one recovers easily from giving someone $3000 a month for nearly 3 years straight.

I have a job, I've held it for 10 years. I believe I will overcome this, but I owe the IRS money, I have accumulated debt over the last 3 years, and I would like to begin properly taking care of my daughter as well as saving for her future and education. I can't even get a place of my own because I can't afford first and last month rent plus the other expenses that go along with being in an apartment. At the moment my parents have been gracious enough to allow me to stay with them but there is not enough room for both my daughter and me. Please if you have the ability to bestow any grace on me in the form of financial assistance, I will be forever grateful. Anything, absolutely anything will help.

My goal to get us on our feet is $58,000. With that I can pay off all debt, the IRS, and get myself into an independent living situation and support my child.

Blessings for your consideration.

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