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Haunted house?

Hi all

I feel that every day I must reach the limit of my endurance regarding the debt I am in,almost $30,000, and the related stress which is dragging me down and sending me around the bend as you will see. I am in my 40s with a young family, in rented accomodation, trying to set up a business, no savings and struggling to get by. Things seemed ok about 2 years ago - we moved house , my wife gave birth and she found a part time job.

However since then the debts have been mounting and I really dont know what will happen in the next few weeks without someones help - cant pay rent, bills etc.

To make matters worse my 7 yr old son who was always a little angel seems to have changed into the devil and I feer that something in the house may have possessed him.

I have always been a strong believer in reality and never believed in spirits, ghosts or 'the other side' but now my 2 yr old has started pointing at nothing and saying 'man man who dat man'.

Please save me - any amount will help to bring a ray of sunshine into an overcast world.

$3 will get a school dinner
$300 will clear one of my debts
$30,000 will clear all my debts and bring great joy
$300,000 will buy a house and deliver us from evil

I can accept bitcoins at the moment 126spy64ryNnMkEyDtcDZjQCFDanG1VW4M

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