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will someone make this a Christmas to remember for mom?

Not my mom but, my girlfriend's mom. Please take a moment to read her story and do consider helping, please?

My girlfriend's dad took sick 5 years ago, cancer. He could no longer work so my girlfriend dropped out of high school to get a job and help her mom. Mom had gone back to school to better her career and was now tasked with paying that loan without her husband's income. In addition there have been medical expenses from his treatments. 2 years ago, he died. My girlfriend is limited by the fact that she was never able to graduate high school, something she desperately wants to do but can't afford it now. Her and mom both work but they are barely getting by. I work 2 jobs myself and help whenever I can but still, it's never enough to get ahead.

Mom is a proud woman .. she would starve before she would ask someone for money. I am one of the few outside the family who knows the real situation. She doesn't like people to know but every night, she cries about it. I cry too, because as hard as I try, I'm just not able to do this alone! I really want to surprise her this Christmas with the gift of clearing all her debts. They total $6,000. It may not seem like much but to her and my girlfriend it would mean the world! It would give my girlfriend the opportunity to finish school and if would give mom peace of mind and some actual money at the end of the month.

Please help me? Please help give the them the best Christmas ever! Thank you for reading. :)

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