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Single Father of 2 Needs Help With Moving

I am a recently separated 44 year old father and about to go through a divorce. I am keeping custody of my 2 girls but I cannot afford to support my kids on my high school education. After talking with my mom, I have decided to move up north with my kids and stay with my mom while I get a college degree so I can give my girls a more secure future.

The plan was to rent a 16 ft penske around Nov 8th. The penske would allow me to rent a smaller truck and still tow my car. But, on Oct 11th I was fired from my job. Not only did I lose my wife but my job as well. I swallowed my pride and have asked friends and family for help, but they can't offer any.

I am moving from Orlando, FL to Richmond, IN. I have already been accepted to 2 colleges and planned to start school in the spring. I planned on working until Nov 8th which would give me enough for the move and a little more till I could get a PT job while I go to school full time. The truck with car dolley is around $680. The gas for 1000 miles would be around $400. So a total of around $1100 is needed.

I feel embarrassed asking strangers for help but my kids' future are in my hands, and I am worried. If I can't get to richmond I will have to send my kids with their mom, and that environment is not good.

If anyone could find it in their heart to help I would be indebted to you.

Thank you
Jeffrey W

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