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Just trying to make thru the end of the year......

I've been unemployed for 2 years now. I've used up all of my savings, maxed out credit cards and have borrowed until I can't borrow anymore. I've decided to join the military but have been informed that I won't ship out (and get paid) until January. I'm posting this ad because I'm in DESPERATE need of help. I'm just trying to make it through the end of the year.
I haven't paid my car note and insurance for months. I am behind on my electricity bill, which I haven't paid yet because I'm facing eviction from my apartment. This is what I am asking for help with: 1. $2000 for rent, which will pay Octobers rent/late fees and rent through December.
2. $400 to bring my electricity bill current and to pay it through December.
3. $2800 to keep from losing my car. $2800 will allow me to pay the back payments/fees and also allow me to make the car & insurance payments thru December.
I fear that I am at my breaking point. I have been able to feed my kid through the generosity of local food banks but at this point, food isn't my main concern. I am so afraid of being homeless. I have no family or friends near me that we can stay with if I get evicted. Please consider helping me make it through 2013; if I can hang on just a little while longer, I know that things will start to get better. I just need help getting there.

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