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Student Debt Is Killing My Dreams

-I have dreamed of working for a museum my entire life. My husband and I lived with my parents for a year and half while I worked at a job that I hated to save up. My husband gave up the job he liked so we could take a risk by moving to where I could try to get my foot in the door at my dream job. I volunteered for a few months to prove myself, and my supervisor was then able to find some temporary funding to pay me for my work. However, the funding will run out at the same time we have to inform out landlord whether we will be staying in our apartment for another year. If we have to leave, I will no longer be able to stay on the radar until a permanent position opens up, or at least more funding opportunities become available.

-If I could pay off my student loan, we could probably stay. The interest rate is 8%, so a huge amount of what I pay goes to interest, and the principle goes down very slowly. These loans were taken out in my mothers name. Therefore, paying them does nothing to help my credit score. That also means that I dont qualify for income-based payment reductions.

-I cant afford health insurance, even with Obamacare.

-My husband and I want to have children some day. We are terrified that by the time we can afford health insurance to cover me during pregnancy, an apartment with more than one bedroom, and the cost of raising a child, I will be at or past an age where my fertility will plummet.

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