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My back pain is ruining my professional career

I have not asked for money before. If you met me in my office, I am a Nurse Practitioner at a private practice, youd never suspect anything wrong. I am there to help you when you are in pain and discomfort. I have 3 Master's degrees, and was successful and stable financially, until 5 years ago, when a jolt of pain in my back brought me to my knees one day. Test after test, specialist after specialist, no diagnosis, pain so bad that it makes you cry silently in bed when you small child is asleep... That was 5 years ago. Today I still suffer greatly, but have learned to manage pain with weekly massage and heating pads. I do not take pain meds, knowing addictive nature of those. My husband left me 2 years ago. My child lives with me and has a problem with severe food sensitivities. A year and a half ago I had to switch to part time and cannot afford massage, which is the only thing that brought relief. A few weeks ago I tried something I never tried before - a massage chair, it was Sogno DreamWave by Inada. Pain free "vacation" lasted about 24 hours, then muscle spasms set in again. The cost of the chair is around 8,000 UDS, which I will obviously never be able to afford. If someone can relate to my story and can help, I'd be eternally grateful for making me feel 43, not 83 again, lift up my 10 year old and maybe go for a run. Thanks to everyone in advance. Lisa

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