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I am a 64 year old christian living and hard working man. My wife of 39 years and I are raising two grand-children (ages 10 & 12) as their parents are unable to maintain a proper household and income necessary to support these two beautiful children. Twelve years ago I was forced into disability retirement because of a non-work related illness. It was necessary for me to go on Medicare and Social Security Disability after a two year waiting period.

Because of the progression of my condition I need a wheelchair to get around. About two years ago a used electric wheelchair was donated to me by members of our church. I was ecstatic to receive such a wonderful gift. It provided the mobility I need to get around both inside and out without wearing myself out in a manual chair. The only problem is that it is nearly impossible to travel beyond my local neighborhood in the electric wheelchair. We have no way to transport the chair which weighs 217 pounds empty. In order to travel and get the grand-kids to where they need to be we really do need a wheelchair van.

As you can imagine our savings is almost gone. We are very grateful for the Social Security income but it is barely enough to cover our monthly living expenses. There is never enough for extras. We own a 2006 vehicle that will be used as a trade-in on a used wheelchair van. However, it would be impossible to finance a remaining balance of $16,000 to $20,000 as our income would not cover the addition of a car payment.

Donations would be used for the purchase of a used wheelchair mini-van so I can travel and tend to the needs of our family. My goal is a total of $20,000. With trading our vehicle this should cover the need. It is hard to ask for help but I see no other way. If you would please donate any amount I would be so very grateful and I am certain God will bless you in many ways. Thank you!

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