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overwhelming debt - victim of a con man

About 10 years ago I met and married a man (I loved). I was rushed into the marriage and took out a personal loan for him. Turns out he was a con man; he married me for a visa to Australia and already had a wife in his country.
Eventually I learned the unbearable truth that he was already married and that if we had any children he would circumcise the girls - I fled. I left to protect the child we hadn't had yet. In doing so, I was left with huge loan repayments. I preferred to pay the money than live another second with a polygamist who had barbaric ideals towards women - his own daughters. And who would leave me once he got his permanent visa no doubt.
In order to pay the loans I got a better job, went back to study and worked three jobs, but it is still so hard to break the back of the loan. Because of my decision to take out a loan for a man I this man I cannot own a house or do other things in life I would dearly love to do. It was my fault, - but I am just hoping some people might be able make the loan less of a burden for me. I am 38 years old and owe 60,000 dollars. I had no idea back then that there would be such far reaching consequences. Please help me get my life back and erase the past by getting rid of the debt.

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