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Father with life threatening cancer: extreme debt

My name is Esther Hampton. I am currently 16 years old and I live in a rural town of Tumut, NSW, Australia. I was born in Wagga and raised by my mother, Nena, and father, Peter.

At the start of this year I began year 10. And to my surprise, when I came home from my first day of school, I faced the unbearable truth about my dad being diagnosed with a rare, life threatening cancer - Lymphoma.
Firstly, I didn't know how to react. I was under a lot of pressure with assignments and to top it off, I just found out my father was extremely unwell.
For months on end, this implemented an unimaginable burden upon my family and myself. Walking on the tightrope to stabilize ourselves and afford payments for travelling costs (petrol, airfares, car servicing), food, bills and worst of all- medical bills including chemotherapy, endless prescribed medications etc.
Having to live on such a remote/isolated area of Australia, we did not have easy access to my dad's medical attention. For the first 6 months, Dad s required to travel to Wagga (one hour away from where we live) in order to get to his chemo appointments, a well as additional optometrist appointments and also his prostate doctor (Dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer several years ago, so he still seeks medical attention for that).
So after endless travelling back and forth to Wagga to see his doctor, Dad was confronted with news that he required an increased level of professional doctors to look after him. From the end of June to early August this year, Dad was sent to a major Cancer Centre in Sydney, NSW. This is located 6 hours away from where we live.
My mum and dad stayed in Sydney at St Vincent's hospital for a bit over a month. Dad couldn't drive either, so his friend took mum and dad there and a month later, mum's friend drove all the way over with me to pick them up. In Sydney, Dad underwent strong chemo treatments over the month, and experienced some very harsh days. My Dad isn''t your average 70-year-old, he is a battler. This month was really a difficult time for not only my family, but myself as an individual. I was required to stay in Tumut with mum's friends. Days before mum and dad left for the month, I had lost my job due to work not being able to afford to keep me anymore. I struggled. Whilst staying with mum's friends I personally couldn't keep up with food payments, excursion payments at school and all other costs my parents would usually help me with.
I clearly remember calling my Dad within his first week. We were having a normal conversation for the first few minutes, then when I had to say goodbye, he told me he was scared. We both just cried together. It was extremely painful- not only for him, but it just killed me inside.
For the month my parents were away, no one was making an income for the entire month. As you could imagine, when my parents arrived home, we were in extreme debt with the increased medical bills and the covering of mum's accommodation costs at the hospital accommodation ward for an entire month. Mum and Dad tried to hide the reality that we really were struggling and we were very quickly going down hill. I came across all the bills and the current figures just don't add up. I'm afraid for them.
Their debts are barricading over them, and with Dad's cancer it all seems to only get worse. As far as I am aware, I can confirm Dad is still paying off the house mortgage, car, general bills (gas, water, electricity), petrol and food. My dream is ultimately pay off the house loan once and for all to take the weight off of our family’s shoulders the slightest bit, and that is precisely what the money will go towards, as well as the other debts and food payments.
I am asking - please for ANY donations. Whether it be a few dollars- everything counts and will go straight towards our unpaid bills, endless debts, continuous travelling costs or medication payments.
Until this very day, Dad is still required to go to chemo every 2 weeks and is prescribed new medicines each visit. Each visit evaluates up to around $1000 and from the records, he has only recently covered last May's visit at the end of the month, leaving all other costs to pay.
Everything will count, and I will honestly be ever so grateful for all your kindness. Please try and help us out. If you have any questions at all, or would like Bank details for transfers, please do contact me. Thank you for your time,
Kind Regards Esther :)

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