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Please help lifelong abuse victim get "home"

A couple years ago, I met the most wonderful woman online.

We were both in abusive relationships at the time. I had realized mine couldnt get any better and was planning to move on and she had literally given up on life; she was planning to commit suicide within a couple of days.

Soon we began talking on the phone. We fell completely in love.

As a child-the youngest of five-she was neglected. During middle school, her parents split up and she was forced to stay with her siblings wherever there was room.

It was then that one of her brothers began sexually abusing her. After about a year of him raping, drugging and torturing her, he began to sell her sexually to other men for drugs and money, continuing to drug her to make her more submissive. This happened until she was fourteen and she moved to where her mother lived.

She eventually married a man who became abusive. She had left, but then had to move back with him.

I am seeking donations to help move her to where I am, get a house (down payment on rent, start utilities, etc) and get her medical help. She still suffers from being abused her whole life and needs professional help, and I would like to get her into the appropriate counseling to help her overcome her fears and anxiety.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can provide.

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