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Be an Angel,fulfill a young mans DREAM

In the town where i live, a homeless man cant, even if hes STARVING, beg in public.WHY!?... Because the local Politicians say it poses an image problem.OH YEAH!! well at outrageous request you can ask for your hearts desire,without fear.They say that nearly 4000 people visit there web site monthly.With 4+ years under there belt,i suspect its not just out of curiosity.SOMEONE IS SENDING SOME LOVE.Now to my request.My Beautiful son starts college in January At the university of south Alabama.His dream of owning one of those three wheel motor scooters.!ON MY INCOME IMPOSSIBLE!I figured if i could get some of that 4000 folks to donate it just might happen. MY BOYS SMART,OUTGOING,AND A NATURAL BORN VOLUNTEER. You can see his dream scooter at . Its called the cyclone 150cc..It cost around $2600.00 and thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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