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13 Year Veteran about to be Evicted

I need money

Hi my name is Jim. I am a 13 year veteran with an honorable discharge who has served during three conflicts.
I recently got out of the Army in April 2013 I am on unemployment drawing $752.00 every two weeks. I do not receive any aid. My rent is $1195.00 a month. I have actively looked for work and have been unable to obtain a job paying more than minimum wage.
I have gotten behind on paying my rent due to paying for insurance that I desperately have to have because I have a wife with a medical condition. My unemployment barely pays my electric, water, vehicle payment, and insurance. I received a notice last week (Nov 8, 2013) stating that if my rent wasn't paid by November 15, 2013 the eviction process would be started. I have two daughters and I don't want to have to tell them that we are being put out in the street. I need help. I hate asking for help but I have no choice. I have picked up Aluminum cans, tried getting odd jobs but still don't have enough to cover what I need.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

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