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Transgender person, transitioning from male to female


My name is Amy, and I am a transgender person, transitioning from male to female. I am getting really close to meeting my goals of finally being able to be my authentic self but I don't have much money on my own.

Many people don't understand the science about being transgender and treat this as a "lifestyle choice" when in fact I was born this way. I have the brain of a woman, designed to function in a female body. Perhaps the best way to describe it is as a birth defect; I was born with the wrong hormones and body parts for my brain, or vice-versa. Most people will never understand the agony of watching your body change and develop as the wrong gender, working hard to try to pass every day as a boy, fearing rejection and bullying and knowing each day that your body is betraying you, developing whiskers, body hair, and deepening your voice. Testosterone causes changes in the body that are irreversible without medical intervention. The best we can do is to try to combat the damage.

I am currently taking hormones, which are helping to sculpt my body to better match my brain's gender. I am getting electrolysis on my face so I no longer have to shave or face the horrors of growing a beard. I am now living full time as the woman I am and I am working with my family to fund SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) later next year. These are all things I have done (with the support of my family) in order to be afforded a chance to finally live on the outside the way I have always been on the inside.

No matter how much like a woman I look, no matter how well the picture matches, for transgender women like me the final elusive piece is the voice. Testosterone deepens the voice and even the best vocal training renders a woman vulnerable to slips. I find myself within inches of meeting this goal, of finally showing the world the woman I am inside, only to be foiled and given weird looks (or, worse, inviting danger including assault by transphobic people) by having a problem with my voice. Coughing, sneezing, any one of a dozen things are sources of great anxiety to me.

Until recently, vocal surgery has had, at best, a 50/50 chance of success. A large number of people found that their voice was damaged or destroyed in the process. Now there is hope: the Yeson Voice Center in South Korea has developed a procedure that is safe and very effective. By utilizing an innovative new approach, trans women have raised the pitch of their voices to a normal female range with great success. There is hope!

I'm asking for help in taking care of this last step. I am so incredibly close, and I just cannot accept that this final step is completely out of reach, not when there are people like you out there willing to donate money toward helping dreams come true. The progress that I've made so far has helped to alleviate much of the deep, chronic depression/anxiety that I've held for most of my life and allowed me to live my life authentically.

I currently have medical insurance, but like most policies in the United States, it doesn't cover the costs of transition. Which is why I've come here to ask for your help. Please join with me in helping to complete the greatest challenge of my life; giving myself the chance to live the way I was born to be.

Thank you.

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