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Any amount or form of help please.. Merry Xmas!

Hi! My name is Sophia, and I'm from the Philippines. I'm 25 years old, and I'm currently working part-time. This semester, I didn't have enough money to enroll, so I had to skip. My sister and I live with and take care of our parents, who are no longer working (they're already retired, and my mom has heart ailments; my dad has eye problems).

Frankly, I really wish that generous people would be able to read this because I REALLY need help with bills and my tuition.

Also, the laptop I'm using right now is almost four years old. It's been busted and taken to the repair shop about thrice already. I was told that the last one would be the very last time it could be fixed. All of my school stuff are saved here, so it would really mean a lot if I can get a new one.. :(

I mentioned earlier that my dad has eye problems. The money they get from retirement (which is not much, considering that we're in the Philippines), all go to my mom's maintenance meds. My sister and I saved up for his LASIK operation on his right eye last year, but we don't have enough to have his left eye fixed too.

Lastly, I owe about $357 on my credit card which I couldn't pay off. This might seem like a small amount to you guys but in the Philippines, it's a lot. And I had to pay for this ad, too, so I owe more hahaha.

Any amount--and I do mean ANY AMOUNT--will be greatly appreciated, so please, please, PLEASE help me out.. Thank you and Merry Christmas in advance!

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