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my name is Chris,

2 months ago, i was visit my best friend who recently moved from Cyprus, for a better living in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The reason of my trip was to have a look about jobs opportunity and a closer look about how life goes there.

Thanks to my friend, he had arrange appointments for interviewing me with Greek employers in the area. All people there was very positive and willing to help me! A lot of them asked me to start working immediately!I was surprised :)

So, i flight back to Cyprus and start making my new plan for immigrate to Utrecht with my wife for living.

Cyprus island is in very bad economical situation on the last year. A lot of people lost their jobs and a lot of families real suffer to grow up their child's. I lost my job 8 months ago so all my savings disappeared!

This is the reason i posting here. We need minimum 5000 euro for start living there. We need to pay for the first three months of rent (2 months deposit), and 1 month until i get my first salary.

I working as a freelancer musician composer from my home at the moment, but the money i get monthly, are just enough for paying bills.

So, if you like to fund us starting our new life, feel free to purchase any of my tracks. You can use it in your video as background music or any use you like!

Find my music here: Or you can fund us with any amount you like, through this website.

Thanks for your time,


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