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Horse market crash finally caught up to me

I have trained horses for many years. Even with the slaughter plant closings, I still made an ok living training. Economy caught up.My waiting list disappeared. Then water company said they changed faulty equipment out on my meter and instead of a $40 water bill it was $179, because the new meter caught up to the water usage.I had a parking lot accident. Got a call today $1,200 to fix the damage. I can't afford an increase in my insurance. I have no way to pay it. I drive a 93 truck no way to down size. So I have no idea how I will pay for it.Then there is the mortgage to be paid (700), the electric bill (130), phone ($65), truck insurance ($70)and food. My daughter and I don't have cable, my internet is my phone, we aren't frills people because the bills always come first. There is no money for them any more. I have my colt listed for sale and he is the only thing of value I have to sell. We don't have new tv's, they are at least 7 years old (that is the youngest), my computer is so old it doesn't even have a camera. I have never had any jewelry or I would pawn it.Christmas is looking like it will be non existent around here. I am happy my daughter and I are both healthy but it is hard to explain to a kid there isn't money for Christmas.Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and I hope all who need help find it and every one has a Merry Christmas!

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