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Im the Father of a boy who posted a donation request at another beg site.He was asking donation to buy a Motor Scooter to ride to school.I kept going there to see if there were any donations NOPE NONE.So I went to Facebook and made appeals to movie stars Pro football players, and HI Profile people,and successfully sent messages.I asked them to go to the site and read what happened to us,and help him reach his goal.The site shows on the home page if theres any donations.There was none.In the story he didnt say what my disability was. I suffer from (Peripheral Vascular Disease),and Ive gone broke paying Doctors and Hospitals to rid me of advanced skin cancers.Im riddled with them.I have no money to fight them.He didnt mention that he has no insurance,and hasnt seen a DR.or Dentist in years,nor that he has all of the symptoms of type 2 Diabetes,nor that he suffers from sever headaches always on the left side of his head.All he wanted was a scooter to ride to college.I dont have the heart to tell him that the cancers have gotten into my blood stream,and that He will be own his own before long.I just dont.With my death my SS entitlement goes to.He will be homeless,pennyless,All alone,with his health problems,and in debt to the GOV.Theres not a movie star,nor a pro football player,nor a rich or poor man,nor a GOD,nor GOV that gives a dam.You can see his story at FREEBEG.COM Look for IS A SCOOTER TO MUCH TO ASK??

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