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I need money

Im not going to tell a sad story, Ive piled up so much debt due to Gambling. I live/grew up 10 minutes from Atlantic City, and starting going to the Trump Plaza, and Tropicana Casinos at the age of 17 (at the time those two casinos didnt check I.D.'s) When I turned 21, it was in full motion, and for the next two years, whether it was the casino, online poker, sportsbetting, or scratching lottery tickets, I built up $15,000 in debt. Then at 23 after college, I wanted to go to medical school, but couldnt get in anywhere in America, so ended up going to the Netherlands-Antilles, on an island called Saba. Saba is an island with a population of less than 1400 people, so for the next 4 years the gambling stopped, but the fees didnt. Im back in the states studying for the US Medical Licensing Exams, and have reduced my debt down under $5,000. (with the help of my family) I refuse to let me family even know about the remaining money I owe. But its on my mind 24 hours a day. To finish school and receive an M.D. I need to pass the boards, its just so hard to put in the time when you get 20 calls a day from the bank. Its not fair for anyone to pay for what I caused, but my goal is actually not to be a clinical physician (seeing patients),I want to go into medical research in genetics. This is way to long for anyone to read, any help from any source means more than you might think. Thanks

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