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Please help my wife & her children to be together!

1/2004 my wife was admitted to hospital with heart trouble. Hospice care after release; died 1/21/2005, 25 years marriage. I finally decided to remarry after she passed. I began looking on websites. Eventually I found a website by a Russian woman. It was on this website that I discovered Svetlana on 7/14/2005. During many months of writing I learned much about her life and her 4 daughters and her husband who died when the daughters were very young. 3/17/2006 I traveled to Barnaul, Russia to meet her & ask her to marry me. While in Barnaul I met 3 of her daughters, triplets. They were 3 and 1/2 years old when their father died from skin cancer. The other daughter lives in Germany with her husband & son. Feb. 2007 Svetlana came to USA & soon after we married. Since this time 1 of the triplets moved to Germany to be with her older sister. She soon married & now has a daughter. I always feel I have taken Svetlana from her family to be with me, especially since I know how close she & her daughters are. It is therefore why I have made it my mission in life to enable Svetlana to live permanently in Germany to be near family & yes I will be there with her, but more importantly Svetlana will be near her daughters & their families. I retire 2015. At that time I will only have my Social Security. Wont you please help? Your generosity can help us make this a reality. Your help will be very much appreciated & will help assure that Svetlana will spend her final years near her family. Thanks

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