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Struggling to pay off debt

I am currently up to my eyeballs in debt.

I am trying to pay off 2 credit cards, but the monthly interest makes sure that it doesnt get very far. I have a student loan, and several personal loans from friends and family that I had to ask for when times got really rough. I am working fulltime, but my salary isnt enough to comfortably see me through the month, and I find myself having to resort back to my credit cards, making them almost impossible to pay off.

Above all else, Id like to wipe those credit cards away which, combined, totals $6000.

The loans are secondary, but would also be nice to wipe off. The student loan is about $25,000 and the personal loans are about $10,000.

I accept Bitcoin donations, 1NuuzygErh91hNPKG5amTGGgd4aL8B5Hv4

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please help.

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