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In need of immediate help

Ive been browsing the internet looking for ways to try and get a bit of cash quickly and came across this site. I dont even know what I can sell anymore. Ive even sold my ring... I still have a few things on other sites for sale but thats not even going to make a difference at this point.

My husband has been working overtime for the past few months as I work on commission and nothing at all has been moving. We have two kids but right now, were not even sure where our next payments are going to come from for our mortgage or anything else. I have $34 in my account and nothing else coming in. Our credit cards are all maxed out as we thought the situation would get better but nothing gives... Right now, the other shoe is about to drop.

Im living with a constant belly ache and there are only so many bottles and cans I can bring back to the grocery store for a few dollars in my gas tank or to buy milk.

We are truly in need of some immediate help in order to get ourselves back into a breathable situation. We keep cutting services, but we do need the basics.

Any help at this point would be a god-send! The kids are aware that we are in a dicey situation... there is no xmas this year. Just getting back on track. Hopefully next year will be a little easier on us!

Thank you so much for your help!

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