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Need tires for my truck

Hello, I am in need of tires for my 2004 Toyota 4Runner. I am a Marriage Family Therapist Intern at present. I changed my career in my early 40s because of a cancer diagnosis. I came through fine, but I had a complete change of outlook and wanted to pursue this career, which I have always known was my passion. Changing careers was a bigger financial shift than I expected, however. As an intern, I have had to take a huge cut in pay as a result. I will be licensed soon, and at that time I look forward to increased earnings.

For now, though, I am barely able to make ends meet. I have enough every month to cover the basics; food, gas and rent, plus bills. I have done everything to cut costs and sell off what material things I could spare, but I was not prepared for the expense of badly needed tires. They are near bald and where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is dangerous to drive in the rain and cold with tires that bad. I have taken some estimates and I figure a decent set of tires would cost about $850 at Costco. I humbly ask for help from anyone out there with this expense. Thank you

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