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Being cheated on sucks!

Last year i found out my boyfriend had cheated on me several times with prostitutes, once while i was pregnant with his child! (sounds unbelievable right!) i found myself going through the motions, hating him, refusing to acknowledge it happened, only to come to the conclusion i wasn't attractive enough. i spend 14,000 on plastic surgery thinking it would make me feel better, when all it has done is leave me feeling stupid and broke. i love my job but the pay stinks and its going to take me forever to pay this back. i have so much to be thankful for in my life and this little bit of debt seems somewhat insignificant but i would love not to have to think about it anymore. now all i need is a millionaire to come along and pay it off for me! better yet thousands of people with a few dollars to spare each :P
there is always hope right?

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