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I am a very positive and happy person


My name is Johan Smith.

I am a 42 year old male living in South Africa; I am a very positive and happy person.

In 1994 I qualified as a micro light flight instructor and unfortunately in 1995 I was involved in a horrific plane accident.

I suffered a serious brain stem injury and my left leg was severely broken. While I was in a deep coma for 6 weeks my family and friends were praying desperately by my side.

Doctors gave me only a 5% chance of surviving but by the grace of God I started recovering slowly.

20 years later I am doing much better but was left with great disabilities. I was declared unfit for work environment of any kind due to my brain injury and short memory loss.

I am now surviving on very little money that I receive from my friends and family.

My request to you is for support. I have no chance at earning any money, and would greatly appreciate your kindness.

Johan Smith.

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