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My mother passed away four years ago

My mother passed away four years ago and I moved into her home since I had been paying her mortgage since 2002. I took care of her until she passed in 2010 but in late 2010 I was in a bad car accident and had a sub arachnoid hemorrhage which led to additional problems and became fully disabled in 2012. I was unable to keep up the mortage payments and am now in foreclosure. My family and I are living on my social security as my husband got laid off from his job in December. I am looking for $80,000 to save my home and be able to stay here as my condition is deteriorating and I love this house. This was my mother's home but it is mine now and I don't want to lose it. I don't know where we would live or where we would end up when the bank forecloses. We have tried everything including six modifications and nothing has worked. Chase refuses to work with me on anything, so please help me save my home! Please!

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