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Help a Woman of Science w/College

Hi, I am a HS Senior studying Natural Resource Management. I am planning on attending Houghton College this fall to start my BS in Biology with concentration in Environmental Science. and need help raising funds for tuition. Room and board is 35k a year. If I could raise a quarter to half of that I would be extremely grateful.

my Bitcoin deposit address is: 1JRszvYXdLAqihfTJq4zBZfND3Yq2bM42i

for Paypal send to email:

About me, I currently attend an Agricultural HS. I have a 4.0 average still, member of National Honor society. Projects I have had the privilege of working on in my time there are:

Head starting endangered Blandings Turtles, raising them from hatchlings to releasing them back into the wild. I have helped design and implement water shed , rain gardens. Trans planted rare sea grass back in their natural habitat. My senior project is to raise snapping turtles to determine if they grow and are healthier in a habitat closer to their natural one vs. a sterile lab environment.

I am very active in the outdoors. I received my boaters liscence before receiving my drivers liscence. I am also learning to shoot, as in college I plan on studying larger mammals, such as coyotes and bears.

I am president of my BSA Venture crew, and have gained much leadership experience. I also serve on staff for BSA's National Youth Leadership Program.

I would really like to be able to focus soley on my studies and not have to take out any student loans, or be a burden to my parents in any way.

So please , I beg, any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

my Bitcoin deposit address is: 1JRszvYXdLAqihfTJq4zBZfND3Yq2bM42i

for Paypal send to email:

Thank you for reading my posting!

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