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I have been struggling with my finances for a few years, now. My home was foreclosed on in 2010. I'm still living in it, but, I'm renting from the present owner. I considered it a blessing, because, I planned to get my finances straight and repurchase it. Unfortunately, due to illness and a series of financially unfortunate events, I've fallen behind on my rent by 2 months. I have to pay about $3000 (2 months rent plus late fees and court costs) in order to stay. My biggest dilemma is keeping my two dogs; because, I'm sure I can find someone to stay with, but, I know no one that will take me AND my dogs in. I was managing things alright until late last year. My job demanded that I clean up my credit or they will have to terminate me. I owe the IRS two years back taxes, student loans, and a small amount of credit card debt. Trying to juggle all that and maintain my recurring monthly expenses became overwhelming. Then my car died. I have to have the engine replaced. Because I need a car to get to and from work, I had to get a rental. Everything went downhill from there. I've become a rat in a maze--I'm moving and going nowhere. I'm behind on my rent, car loan, IRS payments, and student loan payments. I need help to get back on track financially. I need help ASAP to avoid eviction. I'm working with a debt consolidation agency for my credit card debt, but, that's all I'm able to do right now. PLEASE HELP ME! ! !

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