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My partner and I need $5,000 cash to get us through the next few months. We are desperate. My partner is 61. She had a back injury 10 years ago and was declared 40% disabled. She has worked while in pain because she did not want to go on disability. She has worked with a Pain management clinic for years but there is nothing else they can do. She is in constant pain. She can retire at age 62, in September. I am 54, and a Breast Cancer survivor. I had a mastectomy and have had complications from the surgery.I am diabetic, and have arthritis in my hands and right knee. We worked at the same place for over 3 years. We were fired on the same day due to absenteeism from our health problems and appointments, suddenly had no income and no health insurance. I got my last unemployment check on January 23. Jill's last unemployment check will be on April 24. We have gone through our savings for medical and household bills. We don't want to file bankruptcy, so we are working with a debt consolidation company. Bottom line is that we need cash to get us through from April until October when hopefully Jill will get her retirement. I am unable to work due to my hands, knees and the meds I am on. Please help us. We live very frugally but the past couple of years have drained us and our savings. We fear that we will lose our home while waiting for the retirement to start. We have been selling off things for a little cash. I hope someone can open their heart and help us .

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