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We are a guy and a girl with a great idea to revolutionize how we utilize our mobile devices - cell phones, tablets, camera's etc. We already have a US Provisional patent and a a 3D drawing of our invention BUT we need your help to go further!
We need money to build a prototype and we need money to design an ecommerce website to sell the invention and other products (so we can build a business not just focused on one product).

$10,000: covers the cost of building a prototype.
$8,000: covers the cost of designing and building our ecommerce website.
$32,000: covers the cost of inventory
Total: $50,000.
For anyone who contributes more than $100, we will send you a 3500 MAH Powerbank.
For anyone who contributes more than $150, we will send you a pack of 20 inch virgin brazilian human hair.

We need your help as we have been working on this idea for more than 6 months without income. We would be so thankful for you to play a part in bringing this idea to life and help us achieve our goal.

Member Number: 1977-01

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