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Help me and sibling get a future

I need money

I am a 22 African student currently studying in china on scholarship. I have four younger siblings back in African aged 18, 14, 12 and 9 respectively . We are now pure orphans our mother died of breast cancer four years ago and our father died way back in 1996 and since then our late mother raised us single handedly. As iam in school now and I graduate this July iam asking for assistance from any well wins here's who can help me take care of my siblings they do not go to school at the moment they are currently living with my mums young sister who says she cannot take of them anymore as she has problems of her own . My auntie just recently two weeks ago has told me that when I graduate I must go back home and take care of my siblings . We do not have a house I will and I don't have money to take care of them or send them to schools. I need help help money that can buy us a simple house and take us to school. Money to buy a simple house in a medium density residential area would roughly cost around 70 000 usd and some start up tuition of 20 000 usd for all four of them . I promise to put good use to the money I just want a start up as I begin to look for a job. All of my sibling are girls I want them to be educated I am afraid if they don't go to school early marriages maybe a solution. Please am begging buy us our simple home and send my sisters to school. Please!

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